No matter whether you’re performing CPU-intensive tasks, memory-intensive assignments, or a job that requires high-end graphics — this list includes the best-suited laptops that come highly recommended for a remote working environment.

  1. Apple MacBook Pro (Best Power)
  2. Premium Laptops by Dell (Best for Windows-users)
  3. Apple MacBook Air (Best Overall)
  4. Microsoft Surface Book 3 (Best 2-in-1)
  5. iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard (Best of both worlds)

Help. The laptop I need is out of stock.

Due to the massive shift to remote work to combat the coronavirus, laptops are flying off online retailer websites and local store shelves. Is the computer you’re looking for out of stock or on backorder? Many companies and workers worldwide are considering laptop rentals, as technology rental providers are more likely to have the necessary devices in stock and can ship them out without any delay.

But the novelty of using a laptop rental doesn’t stop there. With a rental application, you can have your device preloaded with any application requirements you need (like Microsoft Office, company programs, other programs, and settings) on any number of laptops. Cloning devices saves you time, money, hassle, frustration, and endless internal video calls.

Rentals even come with spare laptops. If the unthinkable occurs or an employee damages one of your rental devices, you’ll have a pre-configured spare laptop already ready to go.

The best part about renting laptops is flexibility and affordability. If you’re trying to trade forex, it just makes sense to rent a laptop instead of buying it. Rentals save you money in the short run because it costs significantly less to rent a laptop than own one, AND in the long run because you’ll never have to worry about upgrading your devices — just

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