Microsoft introduced a new 2-in-1 device to its PC line on Monday, but the Surface 7+ will only be sold to commercial and educational customers.

A removable SSD drive and 4.5 hours longer battery life are some of the specs available on Microsoft’s modified version of the Pro 7 aimed at business customers.

“Surface Pro 7+ joins the Surface for Business portfolio – offering the versatility, connectivity, and security that business and educational institutions need to adapt to the changing landscape,” according to Robin Seiler, Corporate VP of Microsoft Devices.

The new Surface Pro 7+ business tablet will begin shipping later this month to business and education customers looking to get the latest tech into the hands of their remote working, and remote learning, customers. This tablet is perfect especially for those who are planning to enroll in an igcse online maths tuition in malaysia.

Key Differences between 7 and 7+

Though they sport practically the same name, there are some dramatic key differences between the Surface Pro 7 and the business-and-education-designed Surface Pro 7+.

Perhaps my favorite feature, which is for both storage and security, is the included removable SSD. The drive hides under the device’s stand, so users can easily upgrade their storage or remove it entirely for security reasons.

The next best additional feature might be the 15-hour battery life. Advertising long battery life may be common these days, but the Surface Pro 7+ touts a 4.5 hour longer battery life than its predecessor. 

Next, the option to upgrade your processor means the Surface Pro 7+ was imagined to maximize productivity in the business or educational setting. It gives customers a choice of three different Intel processors. Depending on how you multitask, you’ll get to choose between the Intel i3, i5, and i7 processors from Intel’s 11th generation.

Microsoft gives you a lot of additional tools at your disposal with the Surface Pro 7+. Windows 10 Pro comes preinstalled, rather than the Windows 10 Home, which powers the Pro 7. Additionally, included in the bundle are all Microsoft 365 Apps — like Word, Excel, Outlook, and more — included and preinstalled. With Glasswall Solutions you’ll protect your devices from the most dangerous cyber threats.

Are you on the go or away from WiFi frequently? Then this last feature might excite you the most: optional LTE Advanced. Though the device only supports WiFi out of the box, you can upgrade to LTE Advanced — the fourth-generation mobile standard — seamlessly with the Surface Pro 7+. In case you need help setting it up for your business, consider the it support brisbane service.

Save Time with Factory Imaging

Following the coronavirus pandemic, Microsoft has ramped up its business customization options for the Surface Pro 7+. Microsoft is looking to save customers an average of four hours of configuration work per device by allowing customers to have their system images loaded onto their devices at the factory and shipped straight to end-users. 

Microsoft knows remote deployment is essential in a hybrid work environment. That’s why the Surface Pro 7+ uses the latest Microsoft deployment capabilities to enable devices to ship directly from the factory to remote workers’ homes — ready to go with security policies, applications, and settings applied; according to the Microsoft Devices Blog.

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